Supervision program

What happens in Supervision?

After requesting a supervisor and a referral made, you will meet monthly with your supervisor to confidentially discuss issues, joys, dilemmas, challenges and plans. These can be work related or personal things that impact on your work.

Our supervisors have the ability to hold you in the Love of God with compassion as you engage with your situation to empower and equip you with skills and support.

Who can use these services?

Supervision is offered to people of all denominations and our team work can work with organisations to offer supervision to your employees.

Individual or group supervision

You can meet individually with one of our supervision team. Sessions are for an hour and are generally conducted monthly.

Alternatively, you have the choice to share the cost and time of supervision in your own peer group of 4-6 people.


Individual Supervision: $100 ($70 concession) per session

Group Supervision: with 4 people $150 per session

Habitat Supervision Space does not wish costs to be preventative and are happy to discuss payment options with you. As professional supervision is a requirement of ministry and most caring professions, you may wish to ask your ministry placement or employer to contribute to the cost of supervision. Habitat Supervision Space can provide invoices and receipts to assist you in making any work expense claims.

Habitat Supervision Space
is an initiative of the
Habitat Uniting Church