About Habitat Supervision Space

Habitat Supervision Space provides the professional supervision people in ministry of all denominations and caring professions need. You can choose to have individual supervision or come with your peer group where our supervisor will introduce and facilitate an effective peer group supervision process. 

The program is based at Habitat Uniting Church in Hawthorn and is overseen by an ecumenical Advisory Committee. The program developed in response to the need for professional supervision that cares for the soul.

Supervisors are all qualified and have an awareness of issues in church ministry, chaplaincy and caring professions. They will not only listen from a clinical perspective, but also attend to your spiritual journey and prayer life. They encourage you to develop personal self awareness that fosters interior freedom so you are more open and affective in your work. All our supervisors will honour confidentiality, are in supervision themselves and receive regular continuing education.

Habitat Supervision Space hopes to enhance your effectiveness and satisfaction in ministry and knows it is essential that people offering spiritual oversight and care attend to their own ongoing spiritual care.

What are the benefits of Supervision?

Regular supervision has some crucial benefits that can maximise your effectiveness and support you in the challenges of your work.

Research shows there are some key benefits of engaging in regular supervision for those involved in ministry and caring professions. These benefits include:

  • reduced stress
  • greater sense of support
  • enhanced working practices
  • better insight into self and others
  • greater energy in work
  • greater empathic understanding
  • a much longer fruitful (and hopefully energised) work life.

Habitat Supervision Space
is an initiative of the
Habitat Uniting Church