Habitat Supervision Space

Are you involved in ministry
or caring profession and looking
for support and supervision?

....Habitat Supervision Space
could be just right for you!

Why is Supervision important?

In your ministry and caring work the risk of burn out and stress is statistically high.

Work demands can be significant and ill-defined. You often work in isolation where maintaining boundaries can be difficult.

In the midst of caring for others self-care is vital.

What are the benefits of Supervision?

Supervision will help you to:

  • gain insight into yourself & others
  • reduce stress and burn out
  • feel supported
  • develop good self-care
  • increase your job satisfaction
  • maintain boundaries
  • attend to your relationship with God

What happens in Supervision?

Habitat Supervision Space will provide you with professional supervision where you are held in the love of God with compassion as you reflect on your situation.

Your supervisor will have a sound understanding of Christian spirituality, listen for the dynamics in your situation and equip you to respond with compassion and grace.


Habitat Supervision Space
is an initiative of the
Habitat Uniting Church